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Want to learn detailed digital marketing courses from top experts to make you the best target person in the growing digital market? If so, welcome to Digitalippo, your premier destination for the best digital marketing training in Electronic City, Bangalore. Digitalippo creates a creative professional by teaching SEO, Google Adwords, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Web Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest).

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Digital Marketing course in Electronic City
Digital Marketing Course in Electronic City
Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City

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Digital Marketing Courses in Electronic City

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What is Digital Marketing?

The objective is to reach good customers by highlighting the benefits of our business to the customers, which are necessary for the advancement of our business using digital channels and tools with the help of the internet and electronic devices. So our business will get good customers and references. And today many types of technology are advancing the use of digital marketing.

Learn Top Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

Top Digital Marketing Tools in 2024

Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City and Opportunities:

Are you looking for placement-based digital marketing training in Electronic City, Bangalore full of corporates? So we have the answer to your search. So we have compiled the best digital marketing institute in Electronic City with useful details like syllabus, training courses, placements, fees, and more.

Today all industrial businesses are switching from conventional marketing to digital marketing to grow their business. Because businesses can now reach a better and wider audience, research and evaluate and target their prospective customers effectively and efficiently. Thus, the demand for digital marketing trainees has increased. The most important thing is to be the best.

Because according to today’s statistics, clearly, everyone knows that the demand for digital marketing skills is very high and desired. So we will empower you to enter the digital space, which will be an exciting opportunity for you.

But before we move on, let’s take a look at the digital marketing job opportunities available in Electronic City, Bangalore today.

Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City

So, to become an expert in New Digital Marketing, you need to get to know about digitalippo institute. Because Digitalippo is the best and most experienced Digital Marketing Institute in Electronic City, Bangalore with placement assistance.

Course Syllabus:

View Our Digital Marketing Course Syllabus at Digitalippo Institute in Electronic City, Bangalore.

It's always recommended to reach out to Digitalippo directly for the most up-to-date information on their syllabus and course offerings.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Different online marketing channels
  • Understand the journey of online customer
  • Key Terminologies in online Marketing
  • Overview to Content Management System
  • Overview of case study and business model
  • Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
  • How Did Search Engine work?
  • SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
  • Understanding the SERP
  • Google Processing
  • Indexing
  • Crawling
  • Areas of off-page SEO that help in establishing the brand name
  • RankBrain
  • TrustRank
  • PageRank
  • Domain and Page Authority
  • Bounce rate
  • Domain age
  • Ways to improve the domain and page authority
  • Introduction to backlinks and how it helps the website to rank in first page?
  • Factors to consider while getting the backlinks
  • Ways to find and identify the relevant platforms, and blog posts for backlinks
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Usage of Social Media platforms in creating backlinks
  • Elements to conduct a comprehensive site audit
  • Tools and techniques to improve site performance, user experience and SERP ranking
  • URL renaming/re-writing
  • Url Canonicalization (301 redirects using .ht access code)
  • Optimizing websites by Analysing Clients Individual Web Pages using Dupli-checker, Copy scape for Refreshing Content
  • Text to Html Ratio, Website Loading Speed, Site Navigation Structure
  • Importance of Bread Crumb Structure
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research (Google Keyword tool)
  • Title & Meta Tags development
  • Importance of H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • XML sitemap Creation, Html sitemap
  • Robots Text Creation
  • Keyword density, Anchor Text in web content
  • Existing Web Content Optimization? Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Schema (Rich Snippets)
  • Adding a Site and Verification Process
  • Configuration Settings
  • URL Parameters
  • Search Analytics Reports
  • Crawl Errors / Stats
  • Google Fetch
  • Blocking the Crawler and blocking pages
  • Traffic
  • Search Queries
  • Links to Site / Internal Links
  • Resubmitting Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt tester
  • Remove/ Temporarily hide urls from search results
  • Remove URLS from index
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Rich Snippets
  • Data Highlighter
  • Importance of keywords in seo
  • What are keywords?
  • Types of Keywords (Broad match, Exact match, Phrase Match , Broad matchModifier)
  • Analysis of keywords for any website
  • Research on keywords
  • Competitor keyword analysis and tools used
  • Analysis of keywords using Google Ad Words keyword tool
  • Competitor Analysis Fitting right keywords to the project
  • Discussion on Google Latest Algorithms
  • Competitor Keyword Research Tools : Keyword Spy, SPyfu, SEM Rush
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking in high PR sites
  • Participation in Forums and Effective interaction to get Permanent Back links
  • Blog Commenting
  • Classified Submissions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Article Submission
  • PDF sharing
  • Deep Linking
  • Search Engine Submission
  • High PR Web 2.0 sites
  • Creating Attractive Info graphics and Sharing in Social Networks for User Engagement
  • Image Sharing Submission
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Mapping
  • Yahoo answers, Quora answers
  • Panda Algorithm
  • Penguin Algorithm
  • Hummingbird Algorithm
  • Pigeon Algorithm✓ Mobile Algorithm
  • RankBrain Algorithm
  • Possum Algorithm
  • Fred Algorithm
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider (for larger websites)
  • IWebchk
  • Seoptimer
  • Woorank
  • SEOsitechekup
  • Understanding Social media Landscape
  • Benefits of Social media marketing
  • How to increase Facebook likes, shares, Reach for posts
  • How to find targeted audience on facebook?
  • How to create Facebook page?
  • How to create Facebook groups and participate in a right way?
  • Creating Events, Customizing tabs in Facebook page
  • Facebook ads
  • Understanding Campaign, Adgroup, Ads Structure
  • Keyword Research (Google Keyword tool)
  • Title & Meta Tags development
  • Importance of H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • XML sitemap Creation, Html sitemap
  • Robots Text Creation
  • Keyword density, Anchor Text in web content
  • Existing Web Content Optimization? Competitor Analysis & Monitoring
  • Schema (Rich Snippets)
  • How to find targeted audience on Twitter
  • Creating twitter profile
  • Increasing followers on twitter
  • Using hash tags
  • Embedding the tweets
  • Likes ,retweets, lists , Moments
  • Integrate twitter with facebook and other tools
  • Customizing twitter profile
  • Twitter analytics, Analysis
  • 3rd party tools to find targeted audience in twitter
  • Competitor analysis
  • Follows ,unfollows , Net followers
  • Location wise followers
  • Twitter ads
  • Creating Pinterest profile
  • Creation of Boards and Pins
  • Adding pins in relevant boards
  • Increasing followers
  • Finding right pins using hashtags
  • Increasing network in Pinterest
  • Importance of image sharing and role of Pinterest
  • Indexing Pinterest images
  • Repins and boards concept
  • Sharing pins
  • Pinning other pins in our boards
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Website analytics in Pinterest
  • Creating LinkedIn profile
  • Creating LinkedIn page
  • Increasing connections by using various techniques
  • Discussion on 1st connection, 2nd connection, 3rd connection
  • Finding company pages and following them
  • Sending personal invitation
  • Who’s viewed your profile
  • Notifications, Messages
  • Lead generation using LinkedIn
  • Using Advanced filters to find targeted professionals on LinkedIn
  • Alumni to connect with previous employers or educational groups
  • Creating groups and participating in LinkedIn
  • Group access levels
  • Page access in LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn pulse and content marketing strategies
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Display ADS
  • Inmail ADS
  • Sponsored ads
  • Lead Generation ADS
  • Understanding purpose of Campaign
  • Different types of Campaigns
  • Importance of Each Campaign
  • Social Network
  • Creating Search Network Campaign
  • Account Limits in Adwords
  • Location and Language Settings
  • Networks and Devices
  • Bidding and Budget
  • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation
  • Purpose of Ad Groups
  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)
  • Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Text Ad Format
  • Quality Score and Its Importance
  • AD Rank
  • Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board
  • Search Terms
  • Segments , Filters, Reports
  • Alerts Setting
  • Access levels (Standard , Read only, Email, Admin)
  • AdWords Interface Tour
  • AdWords Dash Board
  • Billing in AdWords
  • Device Bidding (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Negative keywords identification
  • Tools and techniques to find negative keywords
  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost, AVG CPC ,MAX CPC
  • Ad Extensions
  • Site links Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Call out Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Structured Snippet Extensions
  • Price Extensions
  • Location Extensions✓ App Extensions
  • Display Network Targeting
  • Setting a Display Network Campaign
  • Concept of VCPM and Branding
  • Automatic Placements
  • Manual Placements
  • CPC Bidding and VCPM Bidding
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
  • Topic Targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Placement targeting
  • Purpose of Conversions
  • Creating Conversion Tracking Code
  • Tracking the Conversions
  • Purpose of Conversions
  • Clicks, Impressions, Viewable impressions, CTR, Cost,Conversion rate , Cost/conversion,
  • Allconversions, View through conversions,
  • Remarketing List creation and ads
  • Creating Gmail ads
  • Uploading customer email ids , selecting targeted customer lists,creating different formatsof Gmail ads
  • Impressions, Clicks, Gmail forwards, saves , CTR, Cost, AVG CPC
  • Video Network
  • Creating Video Campaign
  • In stream ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Video Discovery ads
  • Views, CPV, Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC , Cost, Interaction rate
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Topic Targeting
  • Placements Targeting
  • Remarketing in youtube ads
  • Universal app campaigns
  • Creating App campaign
  • Importance of Mobile app installs
  • Different ad formats like Text , image , Video ads in app install campaigns
  • Tracking Report
  • Setting up account in Google my business
  • Entering business details and adding tags
  • Verification code process
  • Access levels
  • Adding posts
  • Photos
  • Interface tour
  • Access levels and location extensions concept in adwords
  • Adding multiple locations and getting verified for each listing.
  • Introduction to Google analytics
  • How Google analytics works
  • Understanding Google analytics account structure
  • Cookies importance in Google analytics
  • Setting up an account in Google analytics
  • Adding analytics code in website
  • Understanding different types of traffic
  • Downloading different traffic reports
  • Creating Key performance indicators using primary and secondary dimension
  • Understanding Bounce rate and how to reduce it
  • Setting up goals and tracking conversions
  • Different types of Goal conversion paths
  • Importance of funnels in goal conversions
  • Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics and Google Merchant center
  • Tracking AdWords Campaign reports in Analytics
  • Filtering the traffic and creating different types of Pictorial charts to analyze reports visually.
  • Importance of UTM Tagging (Automatic and manual)
  • Enabling Automatic UTM tagging gclid in Google AdWords
  • Event Tracking in Google analytics
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Checking Real Time Traffic
  • Creating Advance Segmentation Reports with multiple Dimensions
  • Attribution Modelling (Single Multichannel)
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Remarketing using Google Analytics
  • Tracking Ecommerce Reports
  • Google Analytics Solution Gallery
  • What is conversion rate and conversion rate optimization
  • How to generate leads for B2B using LinkedIn
  • Generating leads through Facebook
  • Advantages of premium membership in LinkedIn
  • Importance of A/B Testing and tools used
  • Landing page Design importance in getting leads
  • Importance of content marketing
  • Top of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
  • Middle of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
  • Bottom of the Funnel Content – Goals and Metrics
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Creating a customer avatar
  • Ways to develop powerful and engaging content to drive business growth
  • Blog marketing
  • Writing powerful headlines – rules, ideas, and templates
  • Blog post types
  • Call to Actions
  • Lead Magnets
  • Using other forms of content to boost traffic, exposure, and engagement
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Using the power of a story to influence and connect with customers
  • Crafting a content marketing strategy
  • Content Distribution
  • Content distribution basics
  • Social sharing
  • Organic and Paid content distribution
  • Overview of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Design and UX
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Best practices for conversion
  • Principles of persuasive design
  • Data driven attribution
  • Research techniques for CRO
  • Google analytics audits
  • User testing
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Heat maps and mouse tracking
  • Using analytics to discover hidden conversion opportunities
  • Testing
  • Testing strategies
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Running tests: from hypothesis to stopping rules
  • Test Priority
  • Threat validation
  • Testing and QA
  • Optimization Strategies
  • How to maintain positive brand for any company?
  • How to remove negativity for any company website?
  • How to remove the negative links in top positions in Google
  • ORM Tools
  • How to find who mentions about our company in online
  • Discussion on paid content curation tools
  • What is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it?
  • Discussion on the worlds popular affiliate network sites
  • Creating banners and using them on blogs
  • Identifying the money making, highly targeted and less competitive keywords
  • How SEO helps in Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense
  • Registering in Affiliate network sites
  • Promoting various sites
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • Why Google AdSense is the highest money making method in the world(Monthly income more than 10Lakhs)
  • How to get approval from Google to display ads in your sites and earn money
  • Importance of SMS marketing
  • Challenges faced in bulk sms marketing
  • DND and Non DND
  • Promotional and transactional SMS
  • How to choose best SMS tool provider in the market
  • Sender Id creation
  • Creating templates
  • Sending Templates
  • Uploading mobile nos
  • Understanding the list , groups , paste list options
  • Tracking reports
  • Retargeting the people who engaged with SMS
  • Flash SMS
  • What is email marketing
  • Importance of email marketing in generating leads
  • Email list Validation tools
  • How to write effective subject lines
  • How email Marketing works
  • Challenges faced in sending bulk emails
  • Setting up campaigns and lists
  • Creating email marketing template and sending bulk mails
  • Uploading mail IDs to the tool
  • Creating subscriber lists
  • Checking open rates , clicks , click through rate
  • Checking traffic from various locations
  • Creating Popups, Landing pages , Embedded Forms
  • Automated Workflows
  • Growing subscribers list

Class Room and Online Digital Marketing Training with Certificate

Master Digital Marketing in Bangalore: Classroom & Online Options at Digitalippo. Boost your career with comprehensive digital marketing training at Digitalippo, Bangalore's leading digital education institute. Choose from flexible classroom or online learning to gain in-demand skills and earn a valuable certificate.

Digital Marketing Certification Course in Electronic City

Prospects for a career, employment possibilities, and potential salary range post acquiring digital marketing skills.

Digital marketing is a booming field with immense potential for growth in 2024 and beyond. The increasing reliance on digital platforms for communication and consumption translates to a high demand for skilled professionals who can navigate this constantly evolving landscape. Learning digital marketing equips you with the tools and knowledge to:

  • Drive brand awareness and engagement: You can help businesses connect with their target audience online through various channels like social media, search engines, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • Generate leads and sales: Implement strategies to attract potential customers and convert them into paying clients.
  • Analyze data and optimize performance: Data-driven decision making is crucial in digital marketing. Your skills in web analytics and campaign measurement will be valuable in understanding what’s working and what needs improvement.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: New technologies and trends emerge constantly in the digital world. The ability to adapt and learn quickly will be key to your success.

The scope of digital marketing is vast, offering a diverse range of career paths. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist/Associate: Entry-level role responsible for managing various digital marketing tasks like social media scheduling, content creation, and email marketing.
  • SEO Specialist: Optimizes websites to rank higher in search engine results pages, driving organic traffic to the business.
  • PPC Specialist: Manages pay-per-click advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to reach targeted audiences.
  • Content Marketing Specialist: Creates engaging content (blogs, articles, videos) that attracts and retains customers.
  • Social Media Manager: Develops and executes social media strategies, managing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build brand communities and reach new customers.
  • Marketing Analyst: Tracks and analyzes marketing data to measure campaign performance and provide insights for optimization.
  • Digital Marketing Manager: Oversees all digital marketing activities, leading a team of specialists and developing strategies to achieve marketing goals.
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Digital marketing freelancer
  • Analytics Expert
  • Social media executive
  • Email marketing executive
  • Online reputation management specialist.

Your salary after learning digital marketing depends on several factors, including your location, experience, skillset, and specific role. However, here’s a rough estimate based on Indian and US statistics:


  • Specialist: ₹4.0 Lacs – ₹9.0 Lacs (1-3 years experience)
  • Team Lead: ₹5.0 Lacs – ₹12 Lacs (2-4 years experience)
  • Strategist/Analyst: ₹6.0 Lacs – ₹15 Lacs (3-5 years experience)
  • Digital Marketing Head: ₹10.0 Lacs – ₹90.0 Lacs (5-10 years experience)


United States:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist: $40,000 – $50,000 (entry-level)
  • Digital Marketing Manager: $70,000 – $85,000 (3-5 years experience)
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager: $90,000 – $120,000 (7-10 years experience)

Students' Experience and Feedback About Digitalippo:

We Got 5/5 stars in Google Rating. Also, People are suggesting more to digitalippo as we teach All local languages. Almost 95% of the Digitaippo Traniess got placed in top companies with high packages. The minimum Average Salary for our students earned is 18,000 – 30,000 per Month.

Digitalippo Students


Digital Marketing Placements from Digitalippo

I found an excellent learning experience with Digitalippo. This is the best place that I would strongly recommend to everyone to join to learn Digital marketing because you can start to learn with zero prerequisites from scratch to an advanced level in every concept of digital marketing. Thanks to the best trainer I have ever found, Mr.Sakthivel for training me to gain the best of the best knowledge in each module of digital marketing (SEO, PPC, Google Adwords, google analytics, google Adsense, etc). He is such a down-to-earth person who has immense knowledge in the field of Digital marketing. He helps in understanding the concept well practically and also makes our idea gets implemented in reality with the help of digital marketing. I'm glad to share my experience with this institute.

Vidya Sri

Analytic Edge Pvt Ltd - D.Marketing Analyst

100% Placement in Digitalippo

"I had a great learning experience. Shakthi vel sir has immense practical knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Got trained on various aspects of digital marketing (SEO, SMM, Google Ads, WordPress, etc), After completion of my course, I was thorough and well prepared. Shakthi vel sir prepared me for interviews and My confidence levels increased. I got my first job under the guidance Shakthi vel sir. I am really thankful for his teaching and guiding me through my career. Now I am even happier with my second job, my career is on a rise. I am able to crack the interviews at ease. If you are looking for a teacher with a strong knowledge of digital marketing, Shaktivel sir is the one."

Karthik J S

Eminence Techno System - Sr.Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Institute for placements

" I am a MBA graduate from VTU and currently working for a MNC, When i was jobless and depressed, i had a thought of learning Digital marketing but the question is from whom? i googled and was searching for a best trainer, finally one of my seniors referred Mr. Sakthivel and i contacted him over a call and decided to join, i was also worried about fee structure but everything went well, i was trained under him for the period of two days were amazing and he provided all the stuff which are related to DM and since he is very fascinated about DM he adds extra effort to make us to understand the concept in depth, Now am very happy, coz with the help of Mr. Sakthivel I placed in a reputed MNC and with high package salary, KUDOS to Mr. Sakthivel and I always recommend him for the DM. Thanks for everything sir."

Raja Sekhar

Flipkart - Team Leader

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

One of the best Digital Marketing institute in Bangalore . Very professional and focuses on Practical knowledge. You will get job 100% . Experience Staff and friendly environment

Nagesh Haibatti

Pooinfotech Digital - Digital Marketer

Best Digital Marketing Course in electronic City

Being an alumni an year back i could very well vouch for the quality Mr Shakthivel delivers in his classes.Mr shakthivel is one of the most experienced people in the field of digital marketing and I am not just fortunate but proud to say that he trained me. I would very much refer him to him to everyone who wants to get in depth with the digital marketing subject.

Ronny Thomas

Wipro - Content Specialist

Online digital marketing course in bangalore

This is very great full place to learn and updated digital marketing. The training covers almost all the concept topic from basic to advance level. Also trainee very friendly and helpful and explain us good.

Sadanand Chougala

TCS - Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing Training in electronic City

When I completed my graduation in B com, I had no idea what to do next. My brother referred me to Digitalippo, which is run by Mr. Sakthivel, who has five years of experience in Digital Marketing and also trains candidates. Moreover, it's one of the best digital marketing institutes in Electronic City. I decided to visit and take a free demonstration. I was very much satisfied with the way he taught and the deep practical knowledge skills he possessed. My first day began on the spot. In addition, the fee structure was very fair. All of the modules were very informative and fascinating during my training period. His teaching methods make it understandable for any age group. Moreover, he designed mock interviews in order to build our confidence and to alert us to questions that might be asked during the interviews. Through job placement assistance, I was placed in a well-known advertising agency with a good salary package. Sakthivel sir is the right choice if you are looking for an expert in Digital Marketing. Thank you so much again, Sakthivel!

Shashi Teja

Omnicom Media Group - Digital Marketer

I'm a graduate with B.COM in Banking and Insurance. So I had a plan to do extra course, so then my sister had suggested me to do Digital Marketing Training at Digitalippo in Bangalore .Then I initially attend a demo session of digital marketing course ,at the trainer gave a clear cut idea about how important digital marketing is at present and future. I was so enthusiastic to learn in depth of the concepts. initially I had attended some of the webinar but I wasn't satisfied with it. then I gave a try at Digitalippo Institute ,Electronic city. and then I got a hope that understanding the concepts in depth, and fulfilled. and It's an amazing learning environment plus depth understanding of the modules . My experience has been very good with Shakthi Sir, who cleared all my doubts regarding to the concept and had a wonderful experience with mock interviews and practicals of all the concepts of digital marketing. This is the best place to learn comprehensively in digital marketing to enhance and explore your creativity and knowledge on digital marketing for best career.


Accenture - Content Specialist

Digital Marketing Trainee

I was planning to upgrade my skill to improve our supreme solar batteries business. so my uncle suggested I learn a digital marketing course. so we attended the free demo class at digitalippo institution as we found the best digital marketing training institute in electronic city, Bangalore. So my uncle and I attended the demo class; it was very interesting and valuable to improve our business. so I joined and learned all advanced digital marketing skills like Website designing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, web and google analytics, affiliate marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, conversion rate optimization, online reputation management, content marketing, google my business, etc., So I learned all these modules at a valuable price. Because the course fees were less compared to other training institutes. also now I decided to start affiliate marketing first. One good thing is the trainer interacting and explaining in local languages also. it's too comfortable to understand. also the trainer is so friendly and professional. So I can suggest digitalippo as one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Electronic City of Bangalore for beginners and students.

Siddanna Gowda Biradar

Sppreme Batteries - Digital Marketer

Video Testimonials

As we received wonderful feedback from our working professionals who got trained under Digitalippo.
Once again, thank you, Mr. Ajay, as you mentioned that Digitalippo is one of the best places to learn Digital Marketing Courses in Electronic City, Bangalore.

Who All are Eligible to Learn Digital Marketing Course?

Launch your digital marketing career in 2024! Whether you're fresh out of school or looking for a career shift, digital skills are in high demand. Master the art of online engagement and unlock a world of exciting opportunities.

Boost your brand and reach new heights! In 2024, digital marketing isn't just for agencies anymore. Equip yourself with the knowledge to market your own business online, saving costs and taking control of your growth.

Unleash your inner marketer! Digital marketing thrives on creativity. If you love storytelling, building communities, and crafting compelling content, a digital marketing course can turn your passion into a profitable career.

Bridge the gap between tech and marketing! In 2024, understanding SEO, analytics, and automation is crucial for digital success. Combine your tech savvy with marketing know-how for a future-proof skillset.

No prerequisites required! Digital marketing is accessible to anyone with a passion for learning and a desire to succeed in the online space. Start your journey today!

Stand out from the crowd! A digital marketing course in 2024 adds a powerful edge to your resume. Gain practical skills, build a portfolio, and impress potential employers with your marketing prowess.

Be your own boss! Digital marketing skills empower you to build a thriving freelance career. Learn to attract clients, manage projects, and deliver impactful results for diverse businesses.

Make a difference in the digital world! Digital marketing is a game-changer for non-profits. Learn to raise awareness, engage supporters, and drive donations for the causes you care about.

Stay ahead of the curve! The digital landscape is constantly evolving. Equip yourself with the adaptability and learning agility to thrive in the exciting world of 2024 digital marketing.

You! Yes, you! If you're curious, motivated, and ready to embrace the digital future, there's a place for you in the world of digital marketing. 2024 is the perfect time to jump in and start learning.

Why Digitalippo Institute in Electronic City?

Digitalippo - Institute of Digital Marketing Course and Placements

Because digitalippo is made for digital marketing training. Especially our syllabus is made very clear and understandable to all. We are one of the best training institutes as we keep up with the growing updates in our course syllabus to target all beginners.


So unlike other traditional institutes, we teach the students through a concise and expanded curriculum, keeping in mind the future and learning styles of the students.

Digitalippo offers a comprehensive digital marketing course of 3 months duration online and offline along with industry-recognized certification and job placement.

The next step is solving doubts and queries with coaches, preparing interview questions and answers and learning through fun activities, and revising topics.

For additional queries and doubts, students can avail of 1-on-1 guidance sessions with coaches for a comprehensive query-solving session.

And many professionals, company owners, CEOs, and Marketing managers are already trained in our digital marketing training course. Also, 96% of students have got employment. Also, check the number of students trained with us below,

Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City
Digital Marketing Course in Electronic City

Benefits of Learning a Digital Marketing Course:

Investing in a digital marketing course in 2024 is a wise decision for several reasons. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses of all sizes need skilled professionals to navigate it effectively. Here are some of the key benefits of taking a digital marketing course:

Various industries have a strong demand for digital marketing skills. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue careers like SEO Specialist, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, and more.

Professionals with strong digital marketing skills command higher salaries compared to those without. The average salary for a digital marketing specialist in India is ₹4.0 Lacs - ₹9.0 Lacs, while in the US, it's around $40,000 - $50,000.

Digital marketing is not a fad; it's here to stay. By learning these skills, you'll be prepared for the future of work, which will increasingly be driven by technology and online interactions.

A digital marketing course will not only teach you the technical aspects of online marketing but also develop your analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills. These skills are valuable in any job market.

Many courses offer practical projects and assignments that allow you to build a portfolio of your work. This will be invaluable when applying for jobs or pitching to clients.

Some courses provide opportunities to connect with other students, instructors, and industry professionals. This can help you expand your network and learn from experienced individuals.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Taking a course will help you stay updated on the latest trends and technologies, ensuring your skills remain relevant.

With the knowledge gained from a digital marketing course, you can start your own online business or freelance as a digital marketing consultant.

Digital marketing involves a lot of creativity, from crafting compelling content to designing engaging social media campaigns. A course can help you tap into your creative potential and express yourself in new ways.

Digital marketing can be used for good. You can use your skills to promote social causes, raise awareness about important issues, and make a positive impact on the world.

In conclusion, taking a digital marketing course in 2024 is a smart investment in your future. The skills you learn will be valuable in any industry, and the job market is ripe with opportunities for those with these skills. So, if you’re looking to boost your career prospects, stay ahead of the curve, and make a difference, a digital marketing course is the perfect place to start.

Best Place to Learn Digital Marketing Course in India

Electronic City in Bangalore

Electronic City is the most important city in Bangalore. There are all kinds of industries and businesses here. In particular, there are large IT companies like TCS, Wipro, CTS, and Mahindra Companies. Also, there are many factories and colleges here. That’s why we established a Digital Marketing Training Center here.

It’s easy to start any business today. But for that business to be successful, customers need it. To understand all those things we need to learn Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City. So many marketing activities have to be done to attract customers. Digital marketing is the technology that was created to make marketing work easier. However digital marketing is not easy to apply for any business without knowledge. For that, we need to be aware of the current market situation.

Also, there will be competitors in all kinds of industries. So we need to know how our competitors are marketing. This is why digital marketing helps. Therefore, Digitalippo in Bangalore is the place where you can access the nuances of digital marketing. We are going to teach you the best digital marketing Course in Electronic City. We have compiled the curriculum to make it easy for you to learn. And we will help you practice after each class.

So by opting for a digital marketing course at Electronic City you can learn the ins and outs of the industry with great training and clarity. Also by choosing a good coaching center like us you can get a good position. Also, job opportunities are available very easily.

A lot of students come from different states after completing their degrees to get job opportunities in Electronic City. Many students are suffering from joblessness, so we aim to make such students into great digital marketing professionals. Our training courses are held with that in mind.

That’s why we provide training in a clearly defined 3-month curriculum. But the course fees we buy are very, very less. We offer all advanced syllabi with practical classes at a very low cost. Because our fees are designed to benefit everyone.

It’s not precisely because there are so many small companies also available. according to the report, 200 IT/ITES company campuses are available in Electronic City, Bangalore. Including 1. Infosys, TCS, BHEL, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Hewlett-Packard, C-Dot, Siemens, HCL, Happiest Minds, General Electric, Deutsche Bank, Cyient, 3M, Tata Power, Robert Bosch Engineering Private Limited, Think soft Global, Skypro Technologies, Digitifi Media Private Limited, Genpact Global Business, etc..,
So All the companies are hiring Digital Marketing experts for their company from DIGITALIPPO Institute.

So, I can proudly say that I am the best digital marketing expert in overcoming obstacles. Find the right way for it today. Your way, here’s the Digital Marketing Institute in Electronic City.

Therefore, you should join our program and attend a 1-hour theory class and a 3-hour practice class. This course includes daily work, group discussions, and mock interviews. This will help improve the confidence and knowledge to send an interview. Upon completion of the course, your skill level will be equal to an expert with 3 years of experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Also, after completing the course, you can join a reputed company as a well-qualified Digital Marketer. For the first time, you can expect to pay from 20K to 40K in the first month. There is no limit to your happiness. So, the best Digital Marketing Course in Electronic City can be a turning point in your career.


Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City, Bangalore

Master in-demand digital skills in Electronic City’s heart. Digitalippo offers expert-led courses, practical training, and industry-recognized certifications to empower your career success. Join the thriving digital community and unlock your potential.

Yes, Digitalippo boasts 100% placement assistance for their graduates! They partner with various companies and equip you with interview prep, resume building, and industry connections.

So, learning at Digitalippo opens doors not just to knowledge, but also to exciting career opportunities

Digitalippo curates top industry practitioners as trainers! They’re handpicked based on real-world expertise, strong communication skills, and a passion for mentoring. Get industry insights & practical guidance from the best.

Don’t sweat missed sessions at Digitalippo! They offer flexible learning options to support your busy schedule:

  • Recordings: Access session recordings to catch up at your convenience.
  • Live Online Sessions: Attend live online sessions to connect with your trainer and peers in real-time.
  • Doubt Clarification: Schedule one-on-one doubt clarification sessions with your trainer to ensure you stay on track.

Master your pace! Digitalippo offers flexible learning:

  • Live Classroom: In-person sessions in Electronic City for an interactive experience.
  • Live Online: Join live virtual sessions from anywhere, enjoy real-time engagement.
  • E-Learning: Self-paced online modules for ultimate flexibility.

Showcase your skills and boost your resume with an industry-recognized certification from Digitalippo upon course completion. Validate your expertise and stand out in the job market.

Here are 5 top-rated Digital Marketing Institutes in Electronic City, Bangalore, based on student reviews and course offerings:

Digitalippo: Practical, industry-focused courses with expert trainers and strong community support. 4.9-star rating on Google.

IIDE – The Digital School: Renowned national institute offering comprehensive digital marketing programs and certifications. 4.8-star rating on Google. No classroom.

Besant Technologies: Established IT training provider with a range of digital marketing courses and career guidance. 4.9-star rating on Google.

A2N Academy: A2N Academy provides Online digital marketing training in electronic city and consultancy services. But they don’t have Classroom Training in Electronic City.

Digital Kora: Digital Kora also provides Online Digital Marketing training in Electronic City with a 4.8-star rating on Google. Buy No classroom.

Yes, Digitalippo has a physical location in Electronic City. It is located at 19, 35/1, 2nd Floor, Hosur Rd, above Canara Bank, beside of TVS Bike Showroom, Kamadhenu Layout, Phase 2, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100, India.

The Google Maps listing shows that it is open from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM on weekdays and 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Sundays.

  • Debit/Credit Cards: Pay securely online using Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro cards.
  • Net Banking: Transfer funds directly from your bank account through secure net banking gateways.
  • UPI: Make swift and easy payments through popular UPI apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.
  • EMI Options: Spread your course fee over convenient monthly installments with flexible EMI plans from leading financial institutions.

It takes at least 3 months to teach from basics to advanced modules.

Absolutely! You can definitely join digital marketing courses at Digitalippo even if you don’t have an IT background. In fact, many successful digital marketers come from diverse backgrounds like business, communication, and even creative fields.

Our Team

Our Mission is to give the best digital marketing training to all who learn with us and provide them with the guidance they need for their lives.

Conclusion :

So if you think hard and choose the best coaching center then there is no doubt that we will also get a place in it. So join our training center diligently and learn all internet tricks very clearly and get a job opportunity in the best company and advance your career.

Google Map, Location: Electronic City in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Training in Electronic City

Learn to improve your skills to upgrade your knowledge in the digital world. So join now with digital marketing course in electronic city.

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