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Enhance your digital marketing skills with our top-rated Digital Marketing course at Digitalippo in Rajarajeshwari Nagar. Our comprehensive program covers 40+ advanced modules, including agency-based targeting techniques. Practical training and workshops ensure hands-on learning experiences. Our experienced trainers provide top-notch training and 100% placement assistance. As the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, we are committed to your success. Choose Digitalippo today for a rewarding career in digital marketing!

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Looking For Digital Marketing Institute In RR Nagar?

We Got You Covered at Digitalippo

Digitalippo is the ideal destination where you can gain practical knowledge of every aspect of Digital Marketing. It stands out as the top-notch Digital Marketing Course in RR Nagar, Bangalore, providing comprehensive courses in Advanced Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Certification. Our team of seasoned Internet marketing experts ensures effective guidance throughout your learning journey.

Digital Marketing Training in RR Nagar with Placements

Enroll in a Digital Marketing course in RR Nagar, and you’ll gain the skills to analyze the fundamental principles of Internet marketing using a variety of tools. Digitalippo stands out as the sole Digital Marketing Training Institute in RR Nagar that provides 100% Job Assistance to students. With daily one-hour classes and three hours of practical experience on diverse Digital Marketing Projects, you’ll be well-prepared for the industry.

As the world increasingly embraces technology, Digital marketing has experienced significant growth, and it is projected to generate a substantial number of job opportunities—up to 20 lakh jobs per year, according to Placement India.

Take a step towards the future and visit the nearest Digital Marketing Institute in RR Nagar.



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Contents Of Digital Marketing Course in RR Nagar

Here are some key highlights of the Digital Marketing Course in RR Nagart. However, there is a wealth of additional content to discover and learn. To explore further, you can enroll for a live demo class and obtain more information.

This module is designed to make you understand the importance, applications and basics of Digital Marketing. Here You will be introduced to Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies, Latest Digital Advertising Trends.

  1. What is Marketing?
  2. How We Do Marketing
  3. What is Digital Marketing
  4. Digital Marketing Platforms and Strategies
  5. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  6. Defining Marketing Goals
  7. Latest Digital Advertising Trends

This section of Digital Marketing will guide you to reach new customers and grow the business using, Google’s online advertising program.

  • Google Adwords (SEM)
  • Introduction To Online Advertising And Adwords
  • Adwords Account And Campaign Basics
  • Adwords Targeting And Placement
  • Adwords Bidding And Budgeting
  • PPC Basic
  • Adwords Tools
  • Opportunities
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Ads Type
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Universal App Ads
  • Tracking Script
  • Remarketing
  • Performance Monitoring And Conversion Tracking
  • Reports
  • Bing Ads (PPC)
  • Introduction To Campaigns And Ad Groups
  • Importing Campaigns, Ad Groups And Keywords
  • Bidding And Traffic Estimation
  • Import From Google Adwords
  • Ads Creation
  • Choosing Right Keywords
  • Bing Ads Reports
  • Conversion Tracking With Campaign Analytics

In order to do Email marketing, it is very important to learn to make creative advertisements to promote a business and build brand awareness. we will teach you how to send bulk Emails and the procedure to track the insights.

❖ What is email marketing
❖ Importance of email marketing in generating leads
❖ Email list Validation tools
❖ How to write effective subject lines
❖ How email Marketing works
❖ Challenges faced in sending bulk emails
❖ Setting up campaigns and lists
❖ Creating email marketing template and sending bulk mails
❖ Uploading mail IDs to the tool
❖ Creating subscriber lists
❖ Checking open rates , clicks , click through rate
❖ Checking traffic from various locations
❖ Creating Popups, Landing pages , Embedded Forms
❖ Automated Workflows
❖ Growing subscribers list

Here you get to know how to make different Content and various Content Marketing Channels to target right customers

  1. Introduction to Content Marketing
  2. Objective of Content Marketing
  3. Content Marketing 7 Steps Strategy
  4. Building Process
  5. Types of Content
  6. How to Write Great Compelling Content
  7. Keyword Research for Content Ideas
  8. Optimizing Content for Search Engine

This Section of Digital Marketing will help you understand more about different Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter to grow your business









This module will teach you how to attract and keep the customers engaged with mesmerizing and eye-catching videos

Creating Video Campaign
❖ In stream ads
❖ Bumper ads
❖ Video Discovery ads
❖ Views,CPV,Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC , Cost, Interaction rate
❖ Keyword Targeting
❖ Topic Targeting
❖ Placements Targeting
❖ Remarketing in youtube ads

To increase the visibility and ranking for your website SEO plays a vital role. Here you will learn in detail about auditing, keyword research, on page optimization off page optimization and competitor analysis.

  1. What is SEO
  2. History & Growth of SEO
  3. Basic SEO fundamentals to rank on 1 page in search engines
  4. Keyword research and how to use effective keywords
  5. Implement a good keyword strategy
  6. On-Page Optimization
  7. Off-Page Optimization
  8. SEO Auditing

Display Ads contain Visual ads or text to keep the targeted customer engaged.

❖ Setting a Display Network Campaign
❖ Concept of VCPM and Branding
❖ Automatic Placements
❖ Manual Placements
❖ CPC Bidding and VCPM Bidding
❖ Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
❖ Topic Targeting
❖ Keyword targeting
❖ Placement targeting
❖ Purpose of Conversions
❖ Creating Conversion Tracking Code
❖ Tracking the Conversions
❖ Purpose of Conversions
❖ Clicks, Impressions, Viewable impressions,CTR,Cost,Conversion
rate , Cost/conversion, All conversions, View through conversions,
❖ Remarketing List creation and ads
❖ Creating Gmail ads
❖ Uploading customer email ids , selecting targeted customer lists ,creating
different formats of Gmail ads
❖ Impressions, Clicks, Gmail forwards, saves ,CTR, Cost, AVG CPC

This is a free tool offered by Google to monitor, maintain and trouble shoot our websites presence in google search results. Using this tool, you can identify the error and rectify them.

❖ Adding a Site and Verification Process
❖ Configuration Settings
❖ URL Parameters
❖ Search Analytics Reports
❖ Crawl Errors / Stats
❖ Google Fetch
❖ Blocking the Crawler and blocking pages
❖ Traffic
❖ Search Queries
❖ Links to Site / Internal Links
❖ Resubmitting Sitemaps
❖ Robots.txt tester
❖ Remove/ Temporarily hide urls from search results
❖ Remove URLS from index
❖ HTML Suggestions

This section of Digital Marketing teaches you how to create the report based on Users, Traffic Source, Content, Real Time Visitors, Bounce Rate% etc and how to make better decision.

❖ Introduction to Google analytics
❖ How Google analytics works
❖ Understanding Google analytics account structure
❖ Cookies importance in Google analytics
❖ Setting up an account in Google analytics
❖ Adding analytics code in website
❖ Understanding different types of traffic
❖ Downloading different traffic reports
❖ Creating Key performance indicators using primary and secondary dimension
❖ Understanding Bounce rate and how to reduce it
❖ Setting up goals and tracking conversions
❖ Different types of Goal conversion paths
❖ Importance of funnels in goal conversions
❖ Integrating Google Adwords with Google Analytics and Google Merchant centres
❖ Tracking Adwords Campaign reports in Analytics
❖ Filtering the traffic and creating different types of Pictorial charts to
analyse reports visually
❖ Importance of UTM Tagging ( Automatic and manual)
❖ Enabling Automatic UTM tagging gclid in Google AdWords
❖ Event Tracking in Google analytics
❖ Creating Dashboards
❖ Checking Real Time Traffic
❖ Creating Advance Segmentation Reports with multiple Dimensions
❖ Attribution Modelling (Single Multichannel)
❖ Creating Custom Reports

Google AdSense helps you to earn extra Money by allowing ads to run on your website.

❖ What is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it?
❖ Discussion on worlds popular affiliate network sites
❖ Creating banners and using on blogs
❖ Identifying the money making, highly targeted and less competitive keywords
❖ How SEO helps in Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense
❖ Registering in Affiliate network sites❖ Promoting various sites
❖ What is Google AdSense?
❖ Why Google AdSense is the highest money making method in the
world(Monthly income more than 10Lakhs)
❖ How to get approval from Google to display ads in your sites and earn money


Here you will learn how to send promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing your business products using text messages (SMS).

❖ Importance of SMS marketing
❖ Challenges faced in bulk sms marketing
❖ DND and Non DND
❖ Promotional and transactional SMS
❖ How to choose best SMS tool provider in the market
❖ Sender Id creation
❖ Creating templates
❖ Sending Templates
❖ Uploading mobile nos
❖ Understanding the list , groups , paste list options
❖ Tracking reports
❖ Retargeting the people who engaged with SMS

Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Our Job Assistance

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support the success of your business. Our expertise extends from refining your supply chain management and enhancing human resource strategies to advising on suitable corporate social responsibilities and managing your public relations. Rest assured, we are committed to providing all the necessary assistance to ensure your business thrives.

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All about Digital Marketing Training in RR Nagar With Digitalippo

Digital marketing is akin to a precisely aimed arrow, leveraging the internet and digital technologies to effectively promote products, brands, or services. Its primary objective is to generate widespread awareness, ultimately resulting in impressive returns on investment, successful conversions, and immediate profits for businesses.

The core focus of digital marketing strategies revolves around expanding the reach and enhancing the visibility of businesses. In today’s pervasive digital landscape, immersing ourselves, whether by choice or circumstance, makes digital marketing an unavoidable necessity.

About Trainer Profile of Digital Marketing Course in RR Nagar Bangalore

  • More than 10+ years of Internet and Marketing expertise
  • Trained more than 1000+ students in a year
  • Strong Theoretical and Practical knowledge
  • Conducted  many Corporate Training in Digital Marketing
  • Strong Knowledge of Internet Marketing, Traditional Marketing & Sales.
  • Expert-level subject knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have experience in many real-time projects in their industries.
Digital Marketing Course in BTM

Why Choose Digitalippo?


To accomplish your objectives in both the online and offline realms of the digital world, acquire expert-level digital marketing training at Digitalippo Bangalore in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. Regardless of your technical background, anyone can effortlessly learn this valuable skill set.

At Digitalippo, our emphasis lies in practical application rather than mere theory. Upon finishing the course, you will be qualified to work on various digital marketing projects such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, and a multitude of other valuable skills

Digital Marketing Career & Make A Difference

Many individuals, including relatives and friends, hold the mistaken belief that obtaining a degree alone is sufficient to secure a well-paying job. However, in reality, this notion is far from accurate.

In today's world, where companies seek individuals with additional skills, the truth remains that a majority of degree holders find themselves searching for employment, and only a few manage to work in fields relevant to their educational background.

Fortunately, Digital Marketing Training offers a highly viable avenue for those who have completed their studies. We are presently residing in a digital era, where traditional practices are rapidly transitioning towards digital platforms.

The field of Digital Marketing is not only accessible but also incredibly captivating. By undergoing training in this field, you open doors to opportunities for placement in top multinational corporations, accompanied by attractive remuneration packages.

Hence, opting for Digital Marketing Training in BTM serves as a pathway to realizing your dream job and achieving stability in life, complete with a fulfilling position and a generous salary.

Digital Marketing Course In BTM

Who can join the Course?

Individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varying interests can partake in a digital marketing course.

The field welcomes aspiring professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in the realm of online marketing and promotion.

Whether you are a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career, a business owner aiming to expand your online presence, or even an individual interested in exploring new avenues in the digital landscape, digital marketing courses offer valuable insights and practical training for all.

Regardless of your educational background or prior experience, anyone with a passion for the digital realm and a desire to excel in the dynamic field of marketing can benefit from joining a digital marketing course.

Enroll today and join Digital Marketing Courses in RR Nagar Bangalore.

Digital Marketing Course in BTM Layout
Digital Marketing Course in BTM Layout
Digital Marketing Course in BTM Layout
Digital Marketing Course in BTM Layout

Top 4 Digital Marketing Courses in RR Nagar

1. Digitalippo

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Digitalippo emerges as the optimal destination, providing an immersive learning experience where you can grasp each facet of Digital Marketing through practical application. Positioned as the preeminent Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore, Digitalippo offers a comprehensive range of advanced courses in digital marketing, analytics, and certification. These exceptional learning opportunities are curated under the guidance of experienced experts in the field of Internet marketing.

At Digitalippo, our emphasis lies in hands-on practice, prioritizing practical implementation over theoretical concepts. Upon successfully completing the course, you gain eligibility to engage in diverse Digital Marketing Projects. Furthermore, Digitalippo extends 100% Placement Assistance and Certification, ensuring your professional growth and development in the digital landscape.

Digital Marketing Course in RR Nagar:FAQs

The great thing about Digital Marketing certifications is that there are no specific eligibility criteria. All the graduates can learn this like who is interested to update their skills in this digital world to start a career.

> Any graduate , B.Tech, B.E, MBA, MCA , BCA, B.Com, etc..,

> Freshers, Experienced candidates in any domain

All the Course is well organized with detailed explanation which will help the students in learning concepts efficiently.

The course is spread across 3 month duration in which both basic & advanced concepts of Digital Marketing will be covered with related tools and application

Yes. Digitalippo is providing 100% Placement Support. Because Digitalippo is tied up with many reputed companies.

Also We are preparing our trainees for any critical interview.

Already all our trainees are placed and working successfully in various companies, see the full placements here.

Digitalippo is providing in-depth practical knowledge so our trainees can attend any interviews without fear.

> Yes, we provide 100% in-depth practical training with live screens and examples with the report.
> 3 hours of practical training will be provided after class. It also has the necessary laboratory facilities.
> Through our classes we will develop you on par with those with two years of experience

No technical knowledge is required before joining. Because, we are teaching how to use Digital marketing tools technically to grow business. So don’t bother about technical, but you are going to work closely with developers, web designers, and all types of marketers.

After Training, Our core value is to put our trainees first. Our team is happy to provide you all kind of support from providing advice on course delivery to answering any questions you may have.

Everyone can receive one-to-one support from the trainer. We will help you for resume preparation, future updates about Digital Marketing and consultancy support. We will be happy to help you.

Today’s world follows Digital Marketing guidelines. All businesses today need Digital Marketing concepts. You can get very good package, as companies are ready to pay handsome money  for Digital Marketers. And a lot of freelance business will pay off for you. You can work from home also earn from home. 

 Digital Marketer, PPC Expert, Search Engine Optimization Expert, SEO Manager, Social Media Optimizer, Link Building Expert ,Content Submitter, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketing Expert ,Whatsapp Business Expert 


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