Why Digital Marketing is Important Nowadays

Why Digital Marketing is Important

Hello Digital Marketers,

We all live in the digital world today. everyone knows that We rely on digital chargers to meet all our needs. Do you know one thing? Every day we are all doing digital marketing-related activities in different places. so everyone has some knowledge in digital activities right.

You know yourself. I mean do you remember your daily activities or not? And whether you remember your family or not! But you will not forget your mobile phone to use Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

So Your Digital Marketing Activities like,

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  1. Posting images
  2. Posting videos
  3. Posting Contents
  4. Posting Products
  5. Posting Reels .. etc

Anyway, Let’s see how many people age engaged online and where they are engaging?

Internet Users in this world :

Total Population – 7.9 Billion

Internet Users: 4.66 Billion

Mobile Internet Access  4.42 Billion

Facebook – 2,853 Millions

Youtube – 2,291 Million

Linkedin – 740 Millions

Pinterest – 454 Million

So why I am telling you about this? Because you want to understand about your position. where you are standing? and what you are doing there my friend. So you should learn how to target your goal for your life digitally. also, you should be aware of digital marketing skills.

Let’s talk about the topic :

do you know how many people are earning money from home without a job? today more than 4 million people earn a living sitting at home without going to work. How is that? So the trick they all deal with is digital marketing technology.

Dear all, today All the technologies to do digital marketing are already there with instant access. But many of us do not know how to use it. so who all are not aware of this and who earn money without digital knowledge also. let’s see.

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Social Media Users in 2021

There are 3Types oF Digital Marketers

Personal Digital Marketer

Publisher Digital Marketer

Professional Digital Marketer

Who has certified in Digital Marketing Skills

3 Types of Digital Marketers:

  1. Personal Digital Marketer
  2. Publisher Digital Marketer
  3. Professional Digital Marketer

Personal Digital Marketer :

Everyone is a personal digital marketer in a sense. but there are different categories. I will explain to you what is the difference now.

Types Of Personal Digital Marketers

1. Common Individual User

2. Players ( Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, etc )

3. Actors / Actress.

4. Politician

Let us talk about each Digital Marketers

1 . Common Individual User

So, these people without any intention will post their photos, videos, and daily activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter So This is common. everyone will do that. So 80% of the individual users don’t know how to target and how to implement.


They want more likes and comments.

2. Players :

Players are the highest-paid people in the world. Because these people will make money without any effort. Corporate companies will approach players to publish their ‘products and ask them to advertise. So they will pay a huge amount for it. Because players are followed by millions of people. So Easily players are earning money.

3. Actors / Actress:

also, these people make money by advertising corporate companies’ products and services on their social media pages, youtube, etc.

4. And Politician nothing.

So who is looser here?

Ans: The Looser is My Dear Common Digital Marketers.

Publisher Digital Marketer

Who all are promoting other business products to earn commission using Digital channels like FB, Insta. But 30% of the publisher knows that how to target and earn in every aspect. But Few publishers just know something but are not perfect. Because these people are getting ideas from affiliate brokers. So Affiliate brokers will tell just promote on Facebook, Instagram, and all to get a commission. So a Publisher is a Person, agency even a Company.

So this 70% of the people also don’t know how to target exactly.

but The remaining 30% of the people have awareness about promoting other business products. So they can earn very good commission.

So Types Of Publisher Digital Marketer:

  1. Affiliate Marketer
  2. Influence Marketer
  3. Agency

Professional Digital Marketer

Professional Digital Marketers are Certified by digital skills. So these targeters Know to target customers using targetting methods.

These people know the concept to target customers exactly using the noch and nouns. So these people already experienced and they learned from Digital marketing instructor. So these people can know to work for a company. Also how to earn money without a job. And how to target our potential customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketers

1. Personal Digital Marketer:

Common user: There is no benefit and all.

Politician: These people keep some assistance to promote. So they can build awareness. so they can get some benefits but no earnings.

Actors: So actors have very good benefits. They can promote every activity to become more popular. But they don’t know digital marketing ideas.

Players: Especially these people are earning very good money from advertisers who are asking to promote their product and services. So they don’t want the Digital Marketing concept. Because they don’t prepare.

2. Publisher Digital Marketer:

The Publisher can earn very good income for each click and conversion. Today Publishers and promoters are earning with various activities. Like blogging is one of the popular methods to earn money.

3. Professional Digital Marketer :

1. They can earn online become an affiliate marketer.

2. They can go for a great job for a career.

3. Become a freelancer

4. Become an online businessman

5. Become an influence.

6. Become a useful youtube marketer.

conclusion of digital marketing

So now you understand where you are standing? And why you want to learn digital marketing. So just don’t waste your time. make your step to go high always. Everything is possible today. Also, everything is in your hand. So Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore, Electronic City to gain your knowledge for your career.

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